Cleaning Procedures

Safety of your people, facility, hardware and data is always our top priority.

Frequency of the cleaning is determined by amount of traffic, particulate, equipment, existing protocol, size of facility, type of access flooring, maintenance of filtration systems (HVAC) and the type of tape media or product base that is used within the data centers. ABC ITech. recommends the technical cleaning in a Data Center to be performed no less than twice annually, removing any particles (dust) that can interfere with computer/mainframe/server operations.

 Each facility to be cleaned will have a walkthrough prior to cleaning with the site facility manager to verify understanding of the area to be cleaned and the methods to be used for cleaning.

  • The ABC ITech. representative will meet with the data center manager and site facility manager of each site to test and determine the frequency of cleaning needed for each facility.

 The data centers environment to be maintained at all times during the cleaning process.  This includes, but, is not limited to:

·         Production capacity of the data center

·         Security requirements of the data center

·         Electrical integrity, mechanical, BMS, FLS and security systems

·         Temperature and humidity within control limits

·         Typically, the limits must be maintained at 70°F ±2 .0°F at 4ft. above the raised floor with humidity – 50% RH ±5.0%

 The cleaning of the data centers will be performed within a small enough area (2-3 tiles) so as to minimize the risk to operations of the data center. This will be site specific and will be developed by the Supplier’s manager, data center manager and site facility manager.

 Particle counts will be taken in multiple areas of the data centers with a calibrated particle counter.

  • The relative cleanliness of a data processing facility can be determined by using United States ISO Standard 14644 (100,000 class). This standard establishes the maximum levels of particulate contamination allowed in a controlled environment.

  • The ISO Standard 14644 maximum particles per cubic foot of air are:

0.5 micron       100,000

1.0 micron          20,000

3.0 micron            2,000

5.0 micron               700

  • Once these maximum levels are reached or exceeded, equipment failure and data input/output errors become more prevalent. These are considered to be the maximum levels of contaminate allowed within a safe computer room environment.

 According to your budget, a prior cleaning environmental report can be provided to each site facility manager and to the site data center manager upon completion of each project, to include:

  • Particle counts and condition of sub floor Plenum

  • Proper cleaning techniques

  • Visible inspection of equipment and above floor surface

  • Concrete sub floor deck seal inspection

  • Recommendations and conclusions


ABC ITech. will do a thorough cleaning to the high compression laminate surfaces with approved static control formulations followed with all surfaces treated with an active ionic controlled formula to enhance and preserve static control in the environment chemicals followed by treatments as needed.

 Complete cleaning of all support and environmental equipment.

  • Professionally maintain a clean room support environment of all racks, furniture, windows, vents, window sills, cabinets, glass, control units, HVAC cabinets, overhead pipes, lighting fixtures, shelves with anti-static interference suppressed equipment and anti static chemical using protocol according to IES standard RP-0018 and ISO Standard 14644 (industry standards).

 Complete cleaning of the sub floor and tile surface.

  • Access floor clean systematic lifting of accessible tiles, HEPA/ULPA CRV (efficiency rating 99.99% at .3 microns) vacuuming of stringers and pedestals: complete sub floor HEPA/ULPA vacuum decontamination.

  • Data center cleaning of laminate tile using clean anti-static solution.

  • Wiping of access floor stringers using clean anti-static solution.

 VCT Floor Surface.

·                     HEPA/ULPA vacuum decontamination.

·                     Cleaning of VCT tile using anti-static solution.


  • HEPA/ULPA vacuum and/or wipe down of all equipment located in the defined data center area using approved anti-static solution.

  • Vacuum intake and exhaust vents on hardware devices with HEPA/ULPA CRV.

  • All MSDS have the required anti-static ion base according to class 100,000 standards.

 Racking and exposed cabling.

  • HEPA/ULPA CRV and/or hand wipe all cabling and racking including tape media racks with “anti static solution”.

 Environmental reporting will be submitted to approved representative only.

  • Particle counts and condition of sub floor plenum

  • Proper cleaning techniques

  • Visible inspection of equipment and above floor surface

  • Concrete sub floor deck seal inspection

  • Certificate of clean environment

  • Recommendations and conclusions

 At a pre-signed agreement a very detailed inspection can be performed and pictures of different irregularities (like holes in the wall or loose cables) can be taken. They will be for your eyes only.

 Our Technicians are well trained in:

  • Data center protocol

  • Class 100,000 HEPA/ULPA CRV

  • Access floor GEL auto scrubber

  • Cleaning methodology for under floor cleaning

  • Cleaning under floor electrical conduits

  • Cleaning of under floor cabling

  • Cleaning of raised floor system

  • Anti-static chemical application for:

o   Access floor
o   Pedestals and stringers
o   Sub-floor sealant
o   Perforated floor tile (with louvers)
o   Interior of data center glass
o   Screen monitor surfaces
o   Exterior server/computer system
o   Server racks
o   Exterior of network equipment
o   Network racks
o   Top exterior surfaces of electrical equipment
o   Exterior of fire suppression system, including tanks

  • All personnel training and application meet the requirements of ISO Standard 14644 and follow line-flow technique with cleanroom class 100,000 chemical mixing and handling safety.