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Technical Cleaning

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                   We professionally clean:
  • Under the raised floor plenum
  • Top of the floor
  • Above the drop ceiling
  • Inside the server racks
  • Hardware and any equipment
  • NOC
  • Telecomm Closets
  • Abandoned cable removal (cable mining)
  • Disaster recovery cleaning - 24/7 on call
  • Post-construction cleaning

Go green!

We use:
Antistatic chemicals that are safe on people and environment

HEPA/ULPA CRV filters (efficiency rating 99.99% at .3 microns)

  For the Procedures on Technical Cleaning please contact us at Thank you.

ISO 14644 Standards: IEST (the Secretariat of ISO/TC209)

  • Always Be Clean in Information Technology !!!
You are saving energy by keeping your data center clean
  • Nobody can give you a more detailed inspection of your plenum than us
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